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'Anne-Laure stood out as an exceptional student on the City Lit Ceramics Diploma Course (2015-17). It was a joy to be involved in her creative journey and to watch her ideas evolve and flourish. Always receptive to the advice and observations of others, she approached her work in a spirit of exploration and discovery, deeply engaged with content of profound importance to her and tenacious in her experimentation with innovative methods and materials to find ways best to transform these thoughts into resonant works of art. The body of work that she presented for exhibition was powerfully original and personal; a testament to her commitment and singular vision.

I have no doubt that her maturity, intelligence and admirably disciplined and organised approach will continue to be a tremendous asset in any future projects in which she is involved, both personally and very much as an invaluable contributor to a  team.'

Sara Radstone    

Tutor, The City Lit Ceramics Diploma Course


'Your inquisitive approach and the desire to convey ideas through new and unfamiliar ways of thinking and working produced an exciting, fresh, spontaneous, highly successful, driven by idea body of work.'

Annie Turner

Tutor, The City Lit Ceramics Diploma Course

Interview for Cockpit Arts. Full interview featured on Cockpit Arts website: https://cockpitarts.com/news-london-creative-network-featured-maker-anne-laure-cano

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